Sun’s out, bugs out: Pests we can expect as summer creeps closer


YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Insects are making a comeback this spring, keeping exterminators on their toes.

The summer months are the busiest time of year for exterminators because when the sun comes out, so do the bugs.

“It’s a very busy time for us right now. We are dealing with a lot of ants — carpenter ants, pavement ants,” said Rose Grace, Vice President of Grace Exterminating.

While the pest control company is used to dealing with ants, it’s surprised by the number of bee calls it’s been getting this season.

“Carpenter bees happen every year during springtime but what I’ve seen a lot of and what a lot of people are calling is for like, wasps and a lot of bee activity this year,” Grace said.

She thinks the bees are coming out earlier and earlier with each mild winter.

“In the last couple years, it has been mild. I mean, it’s been good for us and not for the homeowners.”

Grace said the best way to keep all pests out of your home is with preventative treatment starting at the beginning of April.

“They sign up for a three-time service before the activity does get bad.”

If you’re having a bug or bee problem at home, Grace Exterminating recommends calling the professionals. They say home remedies usually aren’t strong enough to get rid of all of the creepy crawlers.

For more information on a number of common pests in the Youngstown area, check out Grace Exterminating’s Pest Library.


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