STRUTHERS, Ohio (WKBN) – Struthers Police arrested a man Monday evening, saying that a fight in his front yard prompted him to chase several kids while holding a gun and yelling a racial slur, according to a police report.

Police charged Gust Mamounis, 38, with aggravated menacing, disorderly contact and inducing panic.

According to the report, two juveniles got into a fight near Mamounis’ house, with five other juveniles watching. Police said they obtained a video showing Mamounis exiting his home and cocking a gun.

The juveniles told police that they then left the area, with Mamounis following them and making loud threats. The report also states that Mamounis called 911 and that a dispatcher heard him make numerous threats, including using the N-word a number of times. Police arrived on the scene and arrested Mamounis.

Struthers Police Detective Jeff Lewis said that the department plans to pursue an ethnic intimidation charge against Mamounis as well.

He was released on a $300 bond and is due in Struthers Municipal Court on Friday.

Mamounis, reached by phone, said that he did not have a gun and was not chasing the kids, but was walking after them to get more information from them. Mamounis also said that he did not use the N-word while following the kids.

However, on the 911 tape obtained by WKBN, Mamouins tells the dispatcher he is armed and was going to shoot them because one of them assaulted his daughter. He also tells the dispatcher that one of the kids is a “white trash, n—– lover.”

He gives the dispatcher his location, saying he is walking on Hawthorne toward Elm Street and he can see them in front of him. When police arrive, Mamounis is still on the phone with the dispatcher and he can be heard saying “arrest them all.”

The nearly 4-minute 911 recording was filled with so many expletives and racial slurs that we could not post it. Mamounis uses the N-word nine times and also uses the F-word 29 times. He also uses other curse words.

On the tape, Mamounis can be heard telling the dispatcher to get the neighborhood cleaned up and to “send the n—–s back to Youngstown where they belong.” He also says he does not pay his Struthers taxes to “live in the ghetto.”