Storm damage to Niles family’s home worse in light of day

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NILES,Ohio (WKBN) – Krista Viga and her fiancé Aaron Walker are relieved their family was unharmed after a huge fell tree fell on their house early Thursday morning during a wind storm.

It was about 2:30 a.m. when Krista and Aaron decided to turn in for the night at their home on Seneca Street. The kids were already in bed – but then a big crash.

“It sounded like a loud boom followed by a crash followed by some smaller crashes followed by breaking glass,” Walker said.

A huge tree uprooted and fell on the couple’s house. The branches pierced the ceiling, narrowly missing Krista’s son.

“It hit right through my son’s room over his bed…it could have killed him. It was horrifying,” Krista said.

The tree also fell on Krista and Aaron’s vehicles, demolishing them.

The couple tried to assess the damage when it happened but hours later in the light of day, they realized it was worse than they thought.

“There is a gaping hole in the side of the house that I didn’t know was there last night, and it went all the way through the house,” Krista said. “The damage is a lot worse than I thought it was last night.”

Krista and Aaron just moved into the house two weeks ago. They fixed the kitchen, got the living room and bedroom set how they wanted and were just starting to relax and prepare for a wedding.

Even with all that, the couple is still smiling knowing they survived a natural disaster together but realizing the work ahead.

“Now that the power is on, we probably can stay here. It just depends on if someone can get here and put a tarp on our roof,” Aaron said. I’m not expecting it to be done tomorrow, I’m not expecting it to be done the day after that – just going to have to chip away at it.”

Krista’s son went to school Thursday, anxious to tell his buddies about the tree branch that crashed through his ceiling.


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