She won’t participate in Wednesday’s presidential debate, but Tulsi Gabbard isn’t giving up


Gabbard didn't qualify for the Democratic party's last presidential debate, and doesn't appear to qualify for the next one on Wednesday.

FAIRFAX, Va. (WDVM) — Democratic presidential hopeful Tulsi Gabbard is making her way across the state of Virginia this week ahead of Super Tuesday elections on March 3.

On Tuesday, the Gabbard team hosted its second of two town halls in Fairfax — a way for the candidate to get one-on-one time with potential voters. Gabbard says their first town hall reached capacity, and they wanted to speak to as many people as possible before heading to Richmond Tuesday afternoon.

Gabbard didn’t qualify for the Democratic party’s last presidential debate, and doesn’t appear to qualify for the next one on Wednesday. On Tuesday, the DNC announced candidate and billionaire Michael Bloomberg is eligible to participate for the first time.

“I would rather be on the debate stage, but the DNC has continued to change their rules holding their own pre-primary selection process, apparently sending the message to voters that they would rather hear from a billionaire than the only person of color left in this race,” Gabbard said.

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