Sebring lead pamphlets received days after distribution date


SEBRING, Ohio (WKBN) – A four-page pamphlet titled “Important Information About Lead In Your Drinking Water,” was placed on doorsteps in Sebring on Friday. The date distributed however, says January 15.

The pamphlet gives information about how lead can affect your health, and how consumers can avoid lead exposure. It also has a section about what the Public Water System is doing to reduce lead levels.

People in Sebring are not happy about the delay in the pamphlets’ delivery.Photos: Timeline of Sebring’s lead levels

“I think we should’ve known when they knew,” said Loren Nelson, who has lived in Sebring for three years.

He says the Village is putting his health at risk.

“That’s our health in all of this area. That’s saying you don’t care about our health.”

The letter warns people that exposure to lead can cause serious health problems, especially in children and pregnant women. It also tells people not to use the hot water tap or boil water to remove the lead.

Chris Quinn has lived in Sebring her entire life. She says she hasn’t even received a letter yet.

“Not receiving this letter really angered me and saddened me.”

Not only does Quinn believe her health has been threatened, but she also thinks the community should have known sooner so they could purchase bottled water.

“I’m mad they didn’t tell us. I think they’ve known for quite some time,” she said.

Many others in Sebring are also outraged by the water issues affecting their community. Some say they have been drinking bottled water even before the warning.

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