AUSTINTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – An Austintown couple is facing charges, accused of punching and pushing one another during a fight over underwear.

Helen Gionfriddo, 86, was accused of punching her 69-year-old husband in the face after finding a pair of his underwear in the bathtub, according to a police report.

When police were called to their home on S. Edgehill Avenue on Friday, dispatch said the woman was yelling, “I’m tired of this.”

Police said Helen Gionfriddo admitted that she did attack Joseph because she was “tired of it all.” She told police that Joseph purposefully put his underwear in the bathtub to upset her, and she said he had a girlfriend who worked at a nearby gas station.

She then told police that Joseph choked her with a pair of jeans and pushed her, hurting her hip.

Police said Helen Gionfriddo did have redness on her chest. Joseph had cuts on his cheek and chin, according to the report.

Both Helen and Joseph were arrested and charged with domestic violence.

Joseph Giondriddo has been found guilty of assaulting Helen Gionfriddo in the past, according to court records in Austintown.