Rep. Ryan goes toe to toe with Fox News anchor over Amer Adi empty seat


YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Tempers flared and the exchange became heated between Congressman Tim Ryan, D-Ohio, and Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson following the State of the Union Address. 

During an exchange between the two following the address Tuesday night, Carlson asked Ryan why he left his guest seat empty in honor of deported Youngstown businessman Amer Adi when there have been 4,000 opioid overdoses in the state, compared to about 400 deportations.

Carlson told Ryan he understood that the congressman is trying to put a name and a face to the deportation issue here in Youngstown but asked him to consider some other names to honor as well, naming overdose victims such as 27-year-old Jordan Johnson from Austintown and Randy Steeler of Youngtown, who died in April.

Ryan said he has been honoring those victims with the work he has been doing in Congress to battle the heroin epidemic and called on President Trump to “put some real resources behind prevention and treatment” instead of “throwing people off of healthcare” with his healthcare bill. He went on to say that you honor those people and others, such as the Teamsters and coal miners who have lost their pensions, with action.

Carlson countered and asked Ryan why not honor them with the symbolic empty seat instead of Adi, who was deported for what Carlson called “fraud.”

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