Renovation project for Youngstown court expected to be done by spring


YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Almost two years since work began at the old post office annex, renovations converting it into the new home for Youngstown’s municipal court and health department are coming along.

“We’re pushing to get the project wrapped up here in the next month,” said Director of Public Works Chuck Shasho.

Original plans, which included only the court and clerk of courts, had called for a completion by last September. Then the city’s health department was added to the project.

Most of the actual construction, which repurposed as much of the building’s original marble and woodworking materials as could be used, is finished but there is still more to be done.

“We have furniture deliveries that have to come in still, we have a little electrical relocation to do with First Energy and then, of course, we have to port all the phones over and get the move done,” Shasho said.

The annex first opened in 1932 as a federal building and post office. Many of the walls were little more than metal studs with insulation.

Once the remodeling is finished, the building will undergo a series of inspections and then offices will actually start moving in.

“We still have to maintain service to the public during this operation, so we have the move for the health department will be about five days. The clerk of courts office is a lot of material to move and then we have to port all the [phone] numbers so that people can maintain contact with the respective departments,” Shasho said.

He said the entire project, including furniture and moving expenses, will cost around $9.8 million.

Shasho said the new facility should be open for business by May 1.


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