YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – As the Cleveland Cavaliers get ready for Game 4 of the NBA Finals, WKBN is remembering one man who would have loved watching it: Tom Holden.

He was a die-hard Cleveland sports fan. Holden passed away 10 years ago on Thursday, but his legacy continues at WKBN.

“It is hard to believe it has been 10 years. How time flies. Just like it is hard to believe how long Tom was actually on our air,” WKBN general manager David Coy said. “Even though it has been 10 years, there is not too much time every couple of weeks when somebody sees me in the community and they find out where I work and they bring up Tom’s name. After all these years, it just shows you the kind of impact he had coming into people’s living rooms every day for so long just delivering the news.”

Everybody has a memory of watching Tom Holden. He read an estimated 15,000 newscasts during his 31 years at WKBN.

“Tom was associated with our station like Walter Cronkite was associated with CBS. He was a long time voice and a trusted voice and what I personally always liked about Tom was although he was a star, he was a local star. Tom never acted like that,” Coy said. “Tom was just a regular guy doing the news and although people kind of looked at him as a star, I think they also kind of got the feeling that Tom was just a Youngstown guy. People could relate to him and I think that was the key to his success.”

Holden became the dominant news personality in Youngstown. An old WKBN promotional spot said it all.

“He tells you what’s going on in the Mahoning Valley. And he does that better than anyone because he has been here all his life,” the promotion stated.

A generation of Valley news watchers were raised on his straightforward brand of journalism, which was objective and fair.

After Holden’s passing, late WKBN chief meteorologist Don Guthrie had this to say about his colleague:

“A first-class broadcast journalist and all that goes with that. But bottom line, he was just a nice guy.”

And he was very approachable.

WKBN 27 Sports Director Ryan Allison grew up watching Holden and even had him as a teacher. Holden also vouched for Allison during his interview with the news director.

“He goes ‘sit right there.’ And the next person who comes walking in was Tom Holden and he put me in a headlock and goes ‘I’ll vouch for this kid.’ That is how I got the job. It is his fault,” Allison said.

After Holden passed away in 2005, WKBN started a memorial scholarship in his name. Jackie Slack won in 2009 as a senior at Howland High School.

She used the money to help fund her education at the University of Akron and now she works at Google. That is exactly the impact Tom Holden would love to hear he has made.