GROVE CITY, Pa. (WKBN) – Protesters made their way into Grove City Saturday, expressing concerns with the Donald Trump administration as Vice President Mike Pence gave a commencement speech to Grove City College students.

Groups called the Slippery Rock Huddle and the Grove City College Advocates For Inclusion and Acceptance organized the march.

The group called the “Pence Resistance March” said 212 people participated in the protest.

“We believe that there are so many things wrong with the current administration,” said Sharon Sykora. “That we need to get out there in the streets and tell people what we believe in protest in the effort to change things.”

Grove City College is a private school, so protesters were not allowed on campus. They rallied on the sidewalks and in a lot across the street.

Organizers said they did not want to ruin graduation, but just let people know they’re not happy with what’s happening in Washington.

“We believe in immigrants’ rights, we believe in choice,” Sykora said. “We believe in freedom of speech, we believe in health care — health care for everyone.”

Some marchers even came back to their alma mater to demonstrate their worries.

“I’ve taken every path available to me,” said marcher Emily Kane. “Even meeting with [Grove City College] President Paul McNulty to express my dissent of his decision and to express my concerns about further conflating this institution with the G.O.P.”

President McNulty said earlier in the week the school is honored to host Vice President Pence and that the protesters have a right to voice their ideas.

A small group followed around the protest, showing their support for the vice president. They say the demonstrators ruined graduation.