Proposed legislation in Ohio would allow workers to bypass union membership


COLUMBUS, Ohio (WKBN) – Two Republican lawmakers want to try once again to make Ohio a Right To Work state.

Representatives John Becker and Craig Riedel are proposing six different right to work measures for the 2020 presidential ballot.

The measures would put limits on many unions by eliminating the requirement for union workers on state and city construction projects, limits on how unions are funded and would do away with wage requirements on publicly funded projects, among others changes.

One of those measures would also let all non-government employees opt out of paying union dues, but unions wouldn’t be obligated to represent those workers.

The proposals come seven years after Senate Bill 5 was defeated, which would have reduced collective bargaining rights of all public workers in Ohio. The proposed legislation failed by a two to one margin.

The measures are different from Senate Bill 5 in that it would put Right to Work language in the state constitution instead of creating a state law.

Lawmakers say things have changed since Senate Bill 5.

“We want the state of Ohio, the citizens of Ohio, to vote on this so once and for all we get this solved,” Riedel said. “Whatever that outcome is, we will live with that.”

Democratic Rep. Brigid Kelly said this is the same fight from years ago and voters have already spoken.

“We’ve been having these same fights for decades and decades and the citizens of Ohio said no before. They will say no again, and this idea needs to be put to rest,” Kelly said.

Right now, the Right To Work measures are not scheduled for any hearings.


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