YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) –  Mill Creek Metro Parks Executive Director Aaron Young has been saying the park system is in need of capital improvements.

At Tuesday’s Board of Commissioners meeting, Young presented his plan: $29 million over 15 years and $16 million in the next five.

Young’s plan includes renovating shelters, pavilions, trails, and roads. Specific projects mentioned were replacing the Lanterman’s Mill wheel and renovating Ford Nature Center.

Young also mentioned expanding the bike trail, renovating the Wick Recreation Play Area, repaving East Cohasset Drive and fixing up the Lake Newport Restrooms.

“We expect additional projects due to our age, or a variety of use, or just overall failure,” said Aaron Young, executive director of Mill Creek Metroparks. “We want to continue to balance our short term needs with our long term goals.”

At the meeting, Board member Tom Shipka was critical of Young of a report on how Advisory Committees should be set up.

Shipka said the number of committees suggested was not enough and wants the committees reporting to the board — and the executive director.

The board agreed to discuss the advisory committees at a future workshop.