WATCH: Train derailment in eastern PA caught on video


DICKSON CITY, Pa. (WBRE) — A train going from Scranton to Carbondale only made it a few short miles before derailing this afternoon near Eagle Lane.

The clean-up started late Tuesday. Several cars derailed and some rolled over, spilling their cargo. Sand and lumber are among the spillage.

The railroad company is working with Dickson City’s Acting Chief William Bilinsky to determine the cause of the derailment, but initial indications lean toward a rail separation.

“The ground moves, the rail moves, what’s underneath it? Is there enough support? It could be anything. They’re going to have to determine what caused it,” Bilinsky said.

A crane arrived on scene at about 5 p.m. Tuesday to lift three of the cars out of an embankment.

It could take all week to get the railroad back on the move.

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