HERSHEY, Pa. (WHTM) — Roller coasters come and go at Pennsylvania amusement parks. Most of the time they can last for many years. But, there was one coaster that only lasted a decade before it was decided to be removed.

One of these now-defunct coasters was Roller Soaker at Hersheypark.

This coaster was a water ride and a roller coaster wrapped into one attraction. At the time of opening, the park called it “the first interactive water coaster in the Northeast.”

The attraction opened in May of 2002 and was manufactured by Setpoint USA. The ride was placed in the Midway America section of the park and was then incorporated into the new Boardwalk area in 2007. The ride was located behind the now-defunct Canyon River Rapids attraction.

The ride featured nine cars which could hold four riders each. The ride would then climb a 70-foot lift hill, reach speeds of 20 miles per hour, and traverse 1,300 feet of blue track. The ride was considered a suspended coaster, as riders were suspended under the track.

The unique feature of this attraction was that each car could hold 16 gallons of water, with four gallons per rider. This water could then be dropped on those on the ground waiting in line or just watching the coaster. Guests on the ground could then use water cannons, water jets, and water fountains to soak riders traversing the course.

The ride was a unique concept, combining a water attraction and a coaster into one ride. There was only one other coaster of its kind that was created, which was located at Carowinds on the border of North and South Carolina and was called the Flying Super Saturator, which opened in 2000 and closed in 2008.

The ride was closed in 2012 so The Boardwalk waterpark could be expanded and was replaced with a water playground in 2013. According to the Amusement Parkives, the ride was also having many maintenance issues throughout its life. The coaster station was left intact and would not be used until 2018 when the Breakers Edge Water Coaster opened in its spot.

You can see what riding the attraction was like by clicking here.