State Police share child safety tips after Pa. abduction leaves families on edge


HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – As the man investigators say was behind the Franklin County abduction awaits his day in court, State Police say it’s important parents remember some safety tips.

While abductions aren’t common in Pennsylvania, police say parents must keep track of their children. 

Always know who they are with and where they are.

Troopers tell us it’s vital to remind kids not to get into vehicles with strangers, and to talk with them about the dangers of communicating with people they don’t know online. 

Plus, securing your home is a must.

“Look at security in your home,” said Trooper Brent Miller. “Make sure windows are and doors are locked. If you do not have a second floor where you sleep, always make sure the windows and doors are locked on the ground floor. Make sure there’s no easy access.”

Troopers tell us motion-activated lights and doorbell cameras are becoming increasingly popular.

They say any type of extra home security is a good idea.

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