Erie, Pa. (WJET/WFXP/ — A restricted swimming notice has yet again been placed on a Presque Isle beach due to high E. coli levels.

According to a release, the notice has been posted for Beach 11.

According to Erie County Department of Health protocol, if E. coli counts are equal to or exceed 1000 CFU per 100 mL of water, that beach is posted as Restricted Swimming. The count for Beach 11 has a geometric mean of 127.3, which is greater than 126.

The release state park visitors are not permitted to enter the water at the affected beach until an E. coli count is less than 1000 CFU per 100 mL of water during a Restricted Swimming guidance.

Beach areas posted under restricted swimming are still open to the public for sunbathing and recreational activities.

For additional information, contact the Erie County Department of Health at 814-451-6700, the Presque Isle State Park Office at 814-833-7424, or visit the CDC’s information page to learn more on E. coli.