SLIPPERY ROCK, PA. (WKBN) – A cat in Western Pennsylvania caught the eye of one of our producers here at WKBN. And Friday, we learned more about the rescue that is helping find him a permanent home.

Grumpy the cat was discovered a little more than a week ago in a neighborhood near Pittsburgh. The poor guy had a wound on his leg and was completely matted. He is recovering now after being treated for his wounds.

Sunshine Farm Cat Rescue in Slippery Rock, Butler County, is helping Grumpy, along with dozens of other cats. It is a foster-based rescue.

Morgan Mundell found Grumpy and is helping him on the road to recovery.

“Despite all of his injuries and how bad he looked, and I am sure how bad he felt, too, you could just tell how grateful he was and how sweet he is,” Mundell said.

Mundell said the cat’s declining health made helping it more urgent.

“I felt compelled to help this cast because he’s been around for months and everyone was just feeding him,” she said. “I was like I have to do something about this cat. “

Some of Grumpy’s wounds had been there for some time, but he is expected to be okay.

People have already reached out to adopt him, but Sunshine Farm Cat Rescue has more than 40 cats that are looking for permanent homes. The organization serves Western Pennsylvania.

If you would like to learn more or donate, you can find more information online.