Harrisburg, Pa. (WKBN) – The Pennsylvania State Police seized approximately $16 million worth of assorted drugs in the first quarter of 2023.

Troopers between January 1 and March 31 seized 229 pounds of cocaine, 129 pounds of methamphetamines, 24 pounds of fentanyl, seven pounds of heroin, 1,562 pounds of processed marijuana, and 65,570 pills of assorted narcotics.

The following table gives a breakdown of the types of drugs seized, along with the amount and worth.

DrugAmount SeizedEstimated Value
Cocaine 229.81 lbs.$5,055,820
Crack Cocaine 5.84 lbs.$93,440
Heroin 7.75 lbs.$263,500
Fentanyl 24.57 lbs.$393,120
LSD – Pills and Paper 24 doses$480
Marijuana THC – Liquid 72 pints$482,400
Marijuana THC Solid 398.70 lbs.$1,993,500
Marijuana Plants 178 plants$29,370
Processed Marijuana 1,562.66 lbs.$4,687,980
Methamphetamines 129.50 lbs.$1,295,000
MDMA – Ecstasy 0.044 lbs.$145
MDMA – Pills 184 DU$2,760
Other Narcotics 515.61 lbs.$1,031,220
Other Narcotics (pills) 65,570 DU$1,639,250
 Total Value$16,967,985
Amount and value of prohibited drugs seized by PSP in the first quarter of 2023. Courtesy of PSP.

The PSP also collected 1,307 pounds of prescription medication in the quarter as part of its Prescription Drug Takeback Program. Sixty-five PSP stations offer boxes for disposing of unused or unwanted medications.