Pittsburgh-area mailmen accused of throwing mail away, including ballot requests


Investigators said the men also tossed political advertisements and First Class Mail

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PITTSBURGH (WKBN) – Two U.S. Postal Service mail carriers from the Pittsburgh area have been accused of delaying or destroying mail, including political advertisements and two mail-in ballot requests.

Sean Troesch, 48, was seen taking mail out of his vehicle and putting it in trash bags, according to a criminal complaint.

Troesch worked at a Post Office in Mount Oliver, Pa.

There was another report that Troesch put nine trash bags at the street in front of his house the night before trash pick-up. That’s when investigators went to talk to him about what was in the trash bags.

He initially admitted one of the bags had mail in it, but investigators said they found that all of the bags had mail inside. There were hundreds of items of First Class Mail, over 1,300 political advertisements and campaign mail, and one request for a mail-in ballot, investigators said.

James McLenigan, 29, is also accused of throwing mail in the trash — this time, outside of a business in Lawrenceville. Investigators say he was caught on surveillance video.

McLenigan worked at the Pittsburgh Post Office Bloomfield Station.

The discarded mail included First Class Mail, political advertisements and campaign mail, and one request for a mail-in ballot.

When investigators questioned McLenigan about it, they said he admitted to throwing the mail away.

Investigators said none of the discarded mail contained actual ballots.

Troesch and McLenigan could face up to five years in prison, a fine of $250,000 or both if they’re convicted.

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