PHILADELPHIA, Pa (WPHL)– Two orphaned sibling puma cubs are being welcomed at the Philadelphia Zoo.

The cubs were originally rescued from Washington State over the summer and cared for by the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife experts.

After being flown across the country, the cubs were placed in the Philadelphia Zoo’s on-site animal hospital where they found their new home.

“This placement is crucial because, without the intervention of the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife, the Association of Zoos and Aquariums and Philadelphia Zoo, they would likely not survive on their own and without their mother,” said Philadelphia Zoo Vice President of Animal Well-Being Rachel Metz. “Part of Philadelphia Zoo’s mission is to inspire action to protect wildlife and habitats. These animals will serve as ambassadors to educate our guests on the importance of apex predators and the challenges that revolve around humans and our relationships with predators in the wild.”

The male cub, Elbroch, is named after a leading puma researcher for “Panthera,” a conservation organization devoted to the protection of the world’s 40 species of wildcats. Olympia, the female cub, is named after the capital of Washington where the cubs were originally rescued.

“We are so thankful to our keeper and veterinary teams who have stepped up to give these cubs the best care possible, and we can’t wait for the public to meet them and learn their story.”, said Curator of Carnivores and Ungulates Maggie Morse.

Both cubs are estimated to be 20-21 weeks old, and they are the second pair of orphaned cubs that the Philadelphia Zoo has cared for.

Elbroch and Olympia make their public debut in the early fall.