PENNSYLVANIA (WHTM) – Over 500 DUI arrests were made by Pennsylvania State Police during the July 4 holiday weekend.

State Police say 61 of the 515 DUI arrests were made by members of the Troop H barracks, which covers Dauphin, Adams, Franklin, Perry, and Cumberland counties. That was the most of any barrack during the holiday season.

Troop J in Lancaster, Chester, and York had the second most DUI arrests with 53, followed by Troop B, which includes Pittsburgh, with 51.

Troops H and J also investigated the only fatal crashes of the holiday weekend with four reported, three of which were in Troop H’s region. Four people were killed in crashes investigated by State Police and only one was wearing a seatbelt.

None of the crashes involved alcohol, according to State Police, and 170 people were injured in the 649 crashes investigated. Fifty-two of the 649 crashes involved alcohol.

State Police handled 8,744 speeding cases, 294 child seat belt incidents, 986 seatbelt violations, issued 1,104 seatbelt warnings, issued 14,226 other citations, and made 418 criminal arrests.

These statistics cover only those incidents investigated by the state police and do not include incidents to which other law enforcement agencies responded. State Police data is from July 1-4, 2022.

During the 2021 Independence Day driving period, which spanned four days, nine people were killed and 195 were injured in the 680 crashes investigated by the Pennsylvania State Police.