Pennsylvania highway fatalities increased in 2018


The number of deaths increased to 1,190 in 2018

(WKBN) – The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) announced that traffic deaths on highways increased in 2018.

The number of deaths increased to 1,190, coming off the record low of 1,137 deaths in 2017.

PennDOT secretary Leslie S. Richards explained that the organization is working with its partners to decrease fatalities through education and research.

“Even one life lost is too many, and Pennsylvania is committed to moving towards zero deaths,” Richards said.

Some other crash increases include crashes involving drugs or alcohol, crashes involving pedestrians and crashes involving drivers between the ages of 65-74.

National data states that 90% of crashes are caused by driver behavior. Therefore, PennDOT invests $18 million in statewide grant funds for driver behavior safety programs.

PennDOT has also been implementing safety precautions on roadways, including $50 million in state funding for roadway improvements like centerline/edge-line rumble strips and sign/pavement markings.

For more information on this crash data visit the PennDOT’s Pennsylvania Crash Information Tool website. For more information on the recent safety initiatives, visit

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