PennDOT warns drivers to use caution around buggies, other slow moving traffic


In PennDOT's northwest division, there were 28 crashes involving horse-drawn buggies between 2015 and 2019

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(WKBN) – The northwest district of PennDOT is reminding motors to share the road safely with slow-moving vehicles, such as horse-drawn buggies.

During the summer and fall months, slow-moving vehicles, including farm equipment, construction machinery and horse-drawn buggies are common to find on Pennsylvania roadways.

Drivers are asked to remain patient and to use caution when approaching slow-moving traffic, or vehicles moving at 25 MPH or less.

Drivers should immediately slow down to provide a cushion of safety. According to PennDOT, it takes only seconds for a car to reach a buggy or tractor moving at five-to-10 MPH.

As always, drivers should limit distractions while behind the wheel, focusing their attention on the road and being aware of their surroundings.

When approaching a horse-drawn buggy, drivers should dim their lights and pass the buggy with caution. Also, do not sound your horn, drive to fast or create activity that could startle the horse.

Leave plenty of room when passing a slow-moving vehicle.

In PennDOT’s northwest district, which includes Crawford, Erie, Forest, Mercer, Venango and Warren counties, there were 28 crashes involving horse-drawn buggies between 2015 and 2019.

Mercer and Crawford counties had the most buggy-related accidents in the region.

Joshua Kaufer, the PennDOT Safety Press Officer in District 1, said their goal is to get that number to zero.

“Make sure your high beams aren’t on and not to honk when you’re near the vehicle in order to distract or scare the horse, as well as giving plenty of space before you pass and checking to make sure there aren’t cars coming the other way,” said Kaufer.

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