Philadelphia (WPHL) – Pennsylvania State Police have arrested a former PennDOT employee for using his government position to commit driver’s license frauds.

Former driver’s license assistant, Angelo Carrion, was accused of abusing his position to facilitate a fraudulent scheme to allow ineligible drivers to operate motor vehicle.

According to a criminal complaint by the Vehicle Fraud Investigation Unit, Carrion solicited money from customers in exchange for his help with knowledge tests and subsequently allowed them to receive learner’s permits and driver’s licenses.

Carrion was employed by the PennDOT Regency Square License Center in East Hempfield Township, Lancaster County.

Carrion resigned from his job in April after “PennDOT’s Risk Management Office identified irregularities with 268 license or identification card transactions he processed between October 2021 and March 2022”, said PA State Police.

The irregularities found included “unusual testing patterns, incomplete applications, and the absence of required documents”.

Investigations into the criminal acts determined Carrion exploited Spanish-speaking customers, and immigrants and coerced them into giving him cash payments in return for his assistance on the tests. According to interviews conducted by police, Carrion’s customers would pay $20 to $350 for his help with driver’s licenses.

Applicants stated that Carrion took them into a private room and administered paper tests which, per PennDOT policy, “should have been read to the individuals instead of providing them with the physical copy.” Carrion also provided his customers with the correct answers to the test questions.

Following the investigations, many of Carrion’s customers were required to go through testing again to determine whether or not they possessed the proper skills set to be a safe and legal driver. According to police, many did not pass the re-testing process.

Carrion has been charged with 17 felony counts of bribery, one felony of theft by deception, and 17 felony counts plus 35 misdemeanor charges of tampering with public records or information.

Carrion is being held on bail set at $75,000.