WASHINGTON, D.C. (WKBN) – Congressman Mike Kelly, R-Pa, said that the IRS is becoming “weaponized.”

The remark was made in his announcement that he voted against the Presidential Tax Filing and Audit Transparency Act of 2022.

He said the legislation has the potential to expose Americans’ tax returns and private information to the public.

The House passed the bill Thursday that would require annual audits of the president’s tax returns, codifying IRS policy after a congressional committee revealed that the agency did not audit former President Trump during two years he was in office.

The bill passed 222-201.

Kelly said Democrats rushed a closed-door House Ways and Means Committee meeting to get Trump’s tax returns released.

If this can happen to a former President, this can happen to anyone. This relentless six-year chase shows Democrats are willing to expose a private citizen’s tax returns for political gain,” Kelly said.