Pa. police seek person who released bed bugs in Walmart store


Police say a hygiene services contractor contacted by Walmart found bugs crawling around in the men's fitting room and identified them as bedbugs

EDINBORO, Pa. (CNN Newsource) – Good night, shop tight — don’t let the bed bugs bite. Someone released bed bugs inside of a northwestern Pennsylvania Walmart last week.

“My wife said something to me. It was on Facebook but really doesn’t bother me too much,” said Russ Gaylord, a Walmart shopper.

Staff working at the Edinboro Walmart found a nasty surprise inside of a dressing room.

According to state police, employees found a closed pill bottle with live bed bugs crawling inside in a boy’s jacket that was for sale.

A second closed pill bottle with dead bugs was also found near the men’s belts area.

Ecolab was called to the store the next day and found bed bugs crawling inside men’s changing rooms.

Gaylord shops at this Walmart frequently.

“This store is one of the best stores in the area,” he said.

He’s confident the store will handle the situation.

“It kind of bothers me but I know the management here,” Gaylord said. “The management here at Walmart, they are not reactive. They’re more proactive.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control, bed bugs aren’t dangerous and don’t carry diseases. They’re active mainly at night and usually bite people while they’re sleeping. The bites leave red, itchy welts.

State police say they’re still investigating who released the bed bugs and why. For now, they’re calling it a case of disorderly conduct.

Police say they hope fingerprints on the bottles left at the store will generate a lead.

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