WAMPUM, Pa. (WKBN)- A superload truck has started its 400-mile trek from New York to Western Pennsylvania, though its travel may be delayed due to inclement weather.

According to a press release from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT), it is 213 ft. long and 294 tons.

The trip started Wednesday night in West Milton, New York. It’s heading to Wampum, Pa. in Lawrence County. This superload will use two lanes of the road.

According to the press release, the superload will be moving through seven Pa. counties before making it to Mercer County. The load will take Route 62 to Mercer County. Next, it will enter I-80 west and go to the Ohio state line.

The truck will then exit I-80 and return to Pa. using Route 422 east. The truck will go on Route 422 until it enters Lawrence County on Route 376 east

According to the release, the final destination is Alaron Corp. on Route 18 in Wampum, Pa.

According to Jessica Ruddy, of PennDOT, the shipment consists of an empty steel tank that was removed as a part of the decommissioning of the D1 G prototype reactor of the Kenneth A. Kesselring site in West Milton, New York. She said that the D1 G prototype was used to train U.S. Navy sailors on the safe operations of the nuclear propulsion systems on the U.S. Navy’s nuclear-powered fleet, which was shut down in 1996. Ruddy said that the prototype reactor fuel was removed from the tank in 1997.

For drivers, that means there will be stoppages and delays at night.

The transport was scheduled to finish on January 21, though PennDOT officials said Saturday that inclement weather may delay its travel.