Pennsylvania (WKBN) – Officials are advising anglers to report and dispose of an invasive species of fish showing up in local waters.

According to a press release, multiple captures of Northern Snakeheads have caused concern through Pennsylvania, especially in the lower Susquehanna River.

Northern Snakeheads are classified as an invasive species that does not play an ecologically important role in river systems.

Juvenile Northern Snakehead
Courtesy: Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission

“Northern Snakeheads are voracious predators and may cause declines in important sport fisheries, such as bass and panfish, and may inhibit recovery efforts for species of conservation concern in the region,” said Sean Hartzell, PFBC Aquatic Invasive Species Coordinator.

Possession, transportation and importation of snakeheads is illegal in Pennsylvania.

Anglers can report the capture of the fish online or call the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission.

To kill them, anglers can remove their head, gill arches or internal organs. The fish produce white meat. You can also throw them in the trash.