TIOGA BOROUGH, Pa. (WETM) – Less than two days after being sworn in as the sole police officer for Tioga Borough, prompting demonstrations and a firestorm of controversy, Timothy Loehmann has withdrawn his application, according to the District Attorney and Borough Council President.

Council President Steve Hazlett and Tioga County District Attorney’s Office confirmed in phone calls that Timothy Loehmann—the former Cleveland officer who shot and killed 12-year-old Tamir Rice in 2014—withdrew his application in the morning on July 7. Hazlett said that Loehmann had not yet started working.

This comes after Loehmann was sworn in at the monthly Borough Council meeting on July 5. The following night, dozens demonstrated outside the Tioga Borough Office, including Borough Mayor David Wilcox.

Hazlett said he was unable to comment on Loehmann’s reasonings for his withdrawal.

The council now has to call a special meeting to take the next steps, but Hazlett said he is unsure at this time when the meeting will take place.

Hazlett was also unable to comment on why Loehmann was hired. He said the council is responsible for doing background checks on candidates. He also refuted Mayor Wilcox’s claims that the Mayor was not given access to Loehmann’s resume or references.

After the news broke, Wilcox claimed the council never allowed him to see information on Loehmann’s application.

“The mayor had all access to this information since day one,” Hazlett said. “And he basically refused to look at any of it until the day of the interview.”

But Hazlett said Wilcox never opened the packet of Loehmann’s information.

“I told him that ‘There’s information in there you should really look at'” Hazlett said, “and when we got done with the interview, the mayor’s statement to me was ‘Well, that man is awesome’.”

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.