New names added to Erie Diocese’s list of ‘credibly accused’ sexual offenders

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(WJET) – The Diocese of Erie has updated its Public Disclosure List, which contains the names of persons who have been “credibly accused of actions that, in the diocese’s judgment, disqualify them from working with children.”

The names include former priests and laypersons, including some of whom are now deceased and some of whom are under investigation.

New names added to the list of credible allegations (living):

— Jonathan J. Borkowski — Fairview, Pennsylvania, former lay employee (previously under investigation)  

— Former Fr. Thomas M. Lechner—Sewickley, Pennsylvania, Laicized (previously under investigation) 

— Ann Marie Hanes (Strall) — Spokane, Washington, former lay teacher 

— Robert D. Viszneki —Erie, Pennsylvania Former parish volunteer (previously awaiting trial, now awaiting sentencing)  

New name added to the list of credible allegations (deceased):

— Albert S. Davies, former lay teacher (died September 2005) 

New names under investigation: 

— Fr. Stephen A. Anderson — deceased  

— Michael L. DiFrancisco — deceased 

— Msgr. Conrad L. Kraus — deceased 

Modification made to an existing name on the list: 

— Fr. Edward W. Jungquist was thought to be deceased. He is now listed as  “whereabouts unknown,” and is forbidden to function as a priest. 

The full list can be found at  

Anyone who may have knowledge of these situations or who has been affected by similar improprieties is encouraged to report that information to the PA ChildLine at 800-932-0313 or the Clergy Abuse Hotline at 888-538-8541.

Counseling assistance is available for victims and/or their families through the diocesan victim assistance coordinator, Dr. Robert Nelsen, who can be reached at 814-451-1521.   

The Diocese of Erie’s Independent Survivors’ Reparation Program, which opened February 15, will continue to accept claims through August 15, 2019. Victims interested in learning more about this program should visit

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