Thousands of people were in downtown Erie Wednesday night to see President Donald Trump at his “Make America Great Again” rally. 

It was a presidential party both inside and outside Erie Insurance Arena as supporters of the president came to hear familiar themes of a booming economy, patriotism and what the president sees as failed democratic ideas.

Outside of the area – hundreds of people. Inside the arena – thousands. But several floors below in a quiet room were three people, reporter Scott Bremner with our sister station WJET, his photographer and the President of the United States.

Bremner said he was only granted a few questions so decided to tackle one of the toughest – how to unite a clearly divided country and what role the president should play, not only to the faithful but to all Americans. President Trump said the best start is with jobs.

“Unity is so important, and I think it is going to happen. You see it happening right here as an example in Pennsylvania jobs. The steel industry, the people who weren’t working are starting to work again,” Trump said.

While the President admits to ongoing divides racially and economically, he also says he finds a silver lining on unity in one of the most unlikely and bitter of places – the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

“The battle has been won, and very rightly won, but that battle has been won. I really see a lot of people coming together and saying we don’t want to see that happen again. Democrats have come to me and said we don’t want to have that happen again,” Trump said.

Hurricane Michael almost canceled the President’s trip to Erie. Trump says he decided to make the campaign stop so he wouldn’t disappoint the thousands who waited in line to see him.