Lawmaker proposes bill that would introduce new recycling program in Pennsylvania


Instead of throwing out recyclable bottles or cans, Pennsylvanians could return them and get paid five cents per container

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WKBN) – There could be a new way to increase recycling in Pennsylvania. Plus, it could give you some money back.

A bill has been introduced in the Statehouse to establish a “beverage bottle and can deposit program” in Pennsylvania.

“40-60% of the litter we pick up in our waterways and roadways is recyclable — single-use plastic, glass and aluminum beverage containers,” said Rep. Wendy Ullman.

This is why Ullman has introduced House Bill 1322, which would establish the “beverage bottle and can deposit program.”

“This is part of a way to not only encourage recycling, but to reward recycling,” Ullman said.

Instead of disposing of plastic, aluminum or glass bottles or cans, Pennsylvanians could return them, getting paid five cents per container. The distributor would add that to the cost of the item.

“Ten states have done it for years upon years and it’s really made tremendous improvements,” Ullman said.

In fact, the Container Recycling Institute says those 10 states have recycling rates as high as 80% for aluminum and 70% for glass compared to 46% and 12% in other states.

“It helps to dissuade someone going for a walk on the canal and going, ‘Oh, it’s so important to hydrate. I’m enjoying my beverage, but now my wrist is tired,’ and leaving it behind,” Ullman said.

A companion bill has also been introduced in the Senate. Both bills are in committee.

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