Labor Day marks final days of summer, start of election season


Labor Day is the unofficial kickoff to campaign season. Candidates for office begin the race to the finish line, heading into the November 6th election.

You can expect those candidates to do whatever they can to get their message out there to voters and try to convince their supporters to show up on Election Day. 

“The season’s officially here — the 60-day sprint to Election Day,” said Jim Lee, president of Susquehanna Polling and Research, Inc. 

Labor Day marks the end of the summer vacation season, and Lee said it also marks the start of election season.

“I think voters are going to start to get more mail from the candidates. They’ll start to see more ads,” he said. 

For some, those 60 days will seem more critical than for others.

Recent polls show the Democratic incumbents in the race for governor and the U.S. Senate with commanding leads over their Republican challengers.

“The Republicans have time to close the gap, and I think that’s what they’ll be trying to do, which is to make sure they shore up their GOP base,” Lee said. 

But Lee says it will be difficult. His research shows that Democrats are more enthusiastic to get to the polls this year, and a lot of that has to do with President Donald Trump.

“The president’s popularity is so toxic with Democrats right now that it makes the political environment a little more tricky for Republican candidates,” he said. 

With voters now shifting their focus back toward politics, campaigns on both sides of the aisle will do everything that they can to take advantage of the next 60 days.

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