Gas tank explodes outside 7-Eleven in Pennsylvania


Terrifying moments in Pennsylvania when a gas tank exploded at a 7-Eleven in Feltonville. And, the entire ordeal was caught on camera.

A thunderous shockwave followed the explosion.

“It was like boom, like something compressed,” a witness said.

Inside the 7-Eleven, employees immediately knew it had something to do with ongoing work to dismantle gas tanks under their property.

“Then all of the sudden, we hear a big explosion, then a fire starting from like a gas tank, which we did not expect because yesterday they evacuated and vacuumed all the gas. Thank God we are all OK and the workers survived,” said 7-Eleven employee Islam Elkhateeb.

Two manhole covers shot in the air like frisbees. Video even captured one pancaking the rear end of a car.

“After we saw the cement fly up, then we saw the flames, and that’s when I came out to see, ’cause I seen the chunks of cement and I know something fell. Thank God it wasn’t the front of the car, but it’s totaled out now,” said witness Meko Noel.

It’s believed a worker using an acetylene torch may have caused the blast.

“I got to see the guys working on there, taking the place down and I kept seeing, they were using a torch and all I thought was that this place is going to blow up,” said witness Nadia Zayas.

Officials with the city of Philadelphia say the contractor involved did have the correct permit and certification required for the work being done.

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