FBI warns smart TVs may be spying on you


Cybersecurity Professor Terrill Frantz said it's fairly easy for someone to hack into your smart TV

HARRISBURG, Pa. (CNN) – Smart TV owners beware.

The FBI is saying those televisions might be spying on you.

Professor Terrill Frantz keeps a close eye on the latest technology advancements. He heads up the cybersecurity program at Harrisburg University.

He compares smart TVs to smartphones.

Today’s TVs connect to the internet. They are equipped with cameras, microphones, and in some cases, facial recognition technology.

Frantz adds that it’s fairly easy for someone to hack into a smart TV.

The FBI says smart TVs are often poorly secured by their manufacturers compared to computers or smartphones.

Experts say cybercriminals can hack in, changing channels, playing with the volume, and in a worst-case scenario, watching and listening to you.

“How to hack into a smart television is kind of out there in the wild now. It’s no longer one or two people who know how to do it. It’s been broadcast out to the hacker community,” Frantz said.

Frantz offers three tips to keep your identity and personal information safe:

First, know the features and capabilities of your TV.

Update software on a regular basis.

And finally, cover the camera if your TV has one.

“It’s changing our world for sure, everyone’s world,” Frantz said.

Experts say it’s ultimately up to TV manufacturers to make security updates to protect your personal information.

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