Update 2:17 p.m. – Staff from the Forestry Bureau, PA Forest Fire Wardens and staff at the Allegheny National Forest used mapping to determine the fire has burned approximately 180 acres, according to a statement from the DCNR Forest Fire Protection Chief, Mike Kern.

Correction: It was previously reported that over 1,000 acres of land had burned. As of recent updates, the Jefferson County Dispatch Director of Emergency Services, Tracy Zents has clarified the total number of acres involved is approximately 1,900 acres, but not all of the land is burning.

ELK COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ)– Crews from surrounding counties are currently battling a wildfire in Elk County that has burned at least 180 acres so far.

Jefferson County Dispatch Director of Emergency Services Tracy Zents said crews are still working as of 12:07 p.m. Thursday to contain the fire. About 1,900 acres are believed to be burning but the exact acreage is currently unknown.

Between 50-75 firefighters are working to extinguish the wildfire that is burning both state forest and private land off of River Road in Millstone Township, Sigel Fire Chief David Smith said Wednesday.

It is estimated that there are about 15 different fire departments from Jefferson, Elk, Clarion and Forest counties battling the blaze, Smith said. Multiple planes from the Department of Forestry also performed airdrops.

No injuries have been reported by any of the fire departments battling the blaze. Zents also said that no residential areas have been damaged but there are camps nearby.

It was first reported that over 100 acres were burning but Jefferson County Dispatch said that now between 1,000-2,000 acres are.