HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission is reminding customers that on June 1, most electric utility companies are adjusting their electric generation prices.

“The upcoming price changes, combined with the increased use of electricity that we typically see during the long, hot days of summer, make this a very good time for consumers to evaluate their energy options,” said PUC Chairman Gladys Brown Dutrieuille. 

Consumers should be made aware of the price changes and understand what rates they will be paying. The Commission is also encouraging consumers to shop around for different rates using the Commission’s official electric shopping site.

All Pennsylvania-regulated electric utilities are adjusting their Prices to Compare (PTCs) on June 1 for residential and small business non-shopping customers.  Those consumers who do not choose a supplier will continue to receive the default service from the utility.

As quoted in the release, the following Electric Distribution Companies have adjusted their default service rates:

  • Citizens’ Electric, with an increase from 13.4248 to 13.8078 cents per kWh  (up 2.8%)
  • Duquesne Light, with an estimated increase from 11.25 to 11.45 cents per kWh (up 1.8%);
  • Met-Ed, with an increase from 9.991 to 10.24 cents per kWh (up 2.5%); 
  • PECO, with an increase from 9.726 cents to 10.312 cents per kWh (up 6%);
  • Penelec, with an increase from 9.561 to 9.703 cents per kWh (up 1.5%);
  • Penn Power, with an increase from 10.439 to 10.556 cents per kWh (up 1.1%);
  • PPL, with a decrease from 14.612 to 12.126 cents per kWh (down 17%);
  • UGI, with a decrease from 12.54 to 11.084 cents per kWh (down 11.6%)
  • Wellsboro Electric, with a decrease from 12.816 to 12.393 cents per kWh (down 3.3%); and,
  • West Penn Power, with an increase from 8.228 to 9.929 cents per kWh (up 20.7%).

The commission says those who have contracts with competitive energy suppliers should know their contract expiration dates and carefully review contract renewal notices from suppliers, which will detail energy shopping options and next steps.

Customers with competitive energy supplies will receive renewal notices in the mail 45-60 days prior to the consumer’s contract expiration, as well as 30 days prior to the expiration. Consumers should read the notices thoroughly as some include important information on the proposed changes to the supplier’s terms.

Customers who have questions about the end of their contract should contact their current supplier and, if there is a problem, then contact the PUC’s Bureau of Consumer Services at 1-800-692-7380.