Alina’s Law would allow electronic monitoring in protective orders


The bill is named after Alina Sheykhet, a University of Pittsburgh student murdered in October 2017

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – A bill introduced in the state House aims to strengthen protection from abuse orders.

Under ​House Bill 588, also known as Alina’s Law, judges could order people to wear an electronic monitoring device if they pose a substantial risk of violating the protection order.​​

“How many more times must we tell a parent, a child, a sibling ‘I’m sorry for your loss’ before we as lawmakers take the next necessary steps to protect victims?” said Rep. Anita Astorino Kulik (D-Allegheny), the bill’s prime sponsor. “When will enough be enough?”​

​The bill is named after Alina Sheykhet, a 20-year old University of Pittsburgh student murdered in October 2017. Authorities say her ex-boyfriend broke into Sheykhet’s apartment and killed her after he was served with a protection order.

Supporters say Alina could still be alive if law enforcement had been able to monitor the ex-boyfriend’s activity.

​​”That piece of paper did not do magic. It did not physically protect my daughter. That piece of paper did not stop that defendant from breaking into Alina’s house and taking her life,” Alina’s mother Elly Sheykhet said. “The suffering that my family has endured could have possibly been avoided if stricter laws had been in place prior to my daughter’s death.”​​

House Bill 588 is currently in the House Judiciary Committee.​

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