BADEN, Pa. (WKBN) – It’s a 30-yard walk to George Fultz’s backyard garage from his house in Baden, Pennsylvania, near Cranberry north of Pittsburgh.

Inside the garage, Fultz uncovered his 1966 Chevrolet Impala Sport Coupe. He still has the sticker, which shows it was built at the General Motors Lordstown plant.

Everything, expect the tires, brakes, battery and master cylinder, is all original. The car is the only original existing car built in Lordstown in 1966.

The engine — a 327, 275 horse, with a 4-barrel — is spotless. There’s even a recall piece — a support to the upper control arm.

“If you tramped on the gas a little bit fast, the engine could rise up then you could stick the accelerator pedal, which was a lot of problems back then, because it was very dangerous,” Fultz said.

Fultz didn’t want to drive it on the road, but he was happy to back it out of the garage.

“I ordered the car the way I wanted it with the money I had to spend at the time,” he said.

That was the summer of 1966, when he was 18. There’s no air conditioning, and the radio is push-button AM only. The options he paid extra for were the rear antenna, the side mirrors and the fender skirts.

“I drove it to California back in 66 in Route 66,” Fultz said.

But since then, the 1966 Lordstown-made Impala has been driven sparingly — never in winter and never very far. The odometer reads 19,699 miles.

As for its future, Fultz does have a plan for the ’66 Impala. He wants it displayed in the foyer at the General Motors Lordstown Complex.

“I’d love to see this car go back to the plant where it originated from,” he said. “I wish that GM would buy this car off of me.”