Video courtesy of the Ohio Narcotics Intelligence Center.

(WKBN) – In the state’s ongoing battle with fentanyl use and addiction, the Ohio Narcotics Intelligence Center (ONIC) wants everyone to know what to look for and how to spot fentanyl in forms you may not know about.

Six different physical forms of fentanyl have been reported to ONIC, including powder, tablet, chalk, rock, black tar and gum. The various forms reported in Ohio contained fentanyl primarily mixed with other substances, but other shapes and forms are emerging, too.

Some of the new forms of fentanyl include fentanyl molded into shapes such as pellets, popcorn, Lego-shaped blocks, puzzle pieces and confetti tablets. While these forms have not yet been encountered in Ohio, these or similar forms have the potential of making their way into the state.

There is no quality control in the illicit drug trade, and drug trafficking cartels are constantly changing the look and composition of the drugs they’re pushing,” said Ohio Governor Mike DeWine. “Fentanyl in any form is dangerous even in extremely small amounts, so it’s important that citizens are aware of the various forms of fentanyl we’ve seen in Ohio, as well as the forms that could be coming.”

  • Various forms of the drug fentanyl (4)
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If you believe you or someone else is in immediate danger from exposure to a drug, call 911 immediately.