Weather Service confirms 2 tornado touchdowns in Stark County

Storm generic

The National Weather Service confirmed two tornado touchdowns in Stark County, Ohio on Thursday night.

Both tornados were very weak, only classified as EF0 — the weakest in the enhanced Fujita scale.

The first started in Navarre around 8:15 p.m. and ended in eastern Perry Township, according to the Weather Service. The Weather Service estimated a maximum wind speed of 80 mph with the storm. The tornado’s path was about four miles long, although it was intermittent.

The Weather Service said damage from this tornado included uprooted trees and broken tree limbs, as well as some structural damage to sidings and shingles of a few homes.

The second tornado was in Nimishillen Township around 8:23 p.m. The estimated wind speed was 83 mph with a maximum path width of 100 yards. It traveled 1.6 miles.

This tornado damaged some barns, garages and homes. There were also several downed trees and powerlines.

No one was hurt in either tornado.

tornado warning was issued for Mahoning County on Thursday night, but nothing touched down here and little damage was reported.

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