COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — “The Voice” two-night finale begins Monday, and homegrown Ohio group Sorelle is among the top five finalists performing live in hopes of winning America’s vote.

Despite their young ages, Madi, Anna and Bella Heichel have placed their success on being seasoned performers and are counting on viewers to notice their love of harmonizing.

“We have spent our entire lives making music, training, getting ready for an opportunity like this,” said Ana, 20. “And now that America obviously had our backs, and we made it into the top five, we’re hoping that America sees our potential because we want to be the next girl group, you know, we want to be the girl version of the Jonas Brothers.”

From Lexington in Richland County, the trio is thrilled to have the backing of the Buckeye State.

“Oh, my gosh, crazy,” said Madi, 22. “They actually have billboards all over the state of Ohio. I think the governor of Ohio just announced for the state to vote for us. I mean, this, the support has been amazing. So we’re so thankful for our home state. We love you, Ohio.”

The sisters began their rise on “The Voice” in early March, receiving two chair turns during the Blind Auditions on the show’s season premiere.

“Being on ‘The Voice’ stage and performing for them, that was a dream come true literally. It was amazing,” Bella, 15, told NBC4’s Monica Day at the time.

“We chose “Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy” by Queen,” Madi added in the same interview. “It was one of our favorite songs. Growing up, Queen has been a huge inspiration for us. It taught us our harmonies and the complexity and the art of creating music. We didn’t want any silence. We wanted our voices to fill the whole one minute and 30 seconds. That’s all they get to listen to, and we wanted to make sure that they were listening to us the whole time.”

Sorelle ultimately selected Chance the Rapper over Blake Shelton to be their coach.

Their second appearance came during the premiere of the Battle Rounds, when the three were paired against fellow Team Chance singer Manasseh Samone, from Texas, in a thrilling duel set to Adele’s “Someone Like You.”

The sisters persevered to make it into the Knockouts, wowing the judges with their rendition of The Jackson 5’s “Blame It On The Boogie.” 

“We’ve been doing this ever since we were little,” shared Ana in another NBC4 interview. “We love this song. We’ve been doing those dance moves since we were 5 or 7, like we came up with them. We would do them every single night to ‘Blame It on The Boogie.’”

From the Knockouts, the siblings advanced to the Playoffs, singing “Something’s Got a Hold on Me” by Etta James, which propelled them into the first live episode of the season.

In the semifinals, the women belted out Alicia Keys’ “Fallin’,” earning them a standing ovation from all the coaches.

“You guys are just always on,” said Chance the Rapper after their performance. “You guys should be extremely proud.”

With America’s vote bumping them to the Finals, the young Ohioans are poised to win it all. Monday night they will compete against D. Smooth, Gina Miles, NOVIAS and Grace West. Viewers can look forward to up-tempo song and a ballad from the trio.

“Sometimes every night at 11:11 we make a wish,” said Madi. “So we can’t tell you what our wish is. But it may involve the show. So you know, we have those little wishes, sometimes we’ll knock three times.”

Watch “The Voice” Monday at 8 p.m. on NBC4. To vote for Sorelle go to or download “The Voice” app on the App Store or Google Play. Monday is an overnight vote, it will open at the end of the show and stay open until 7 a.m. ET.

Tuesday the show will reveal who will receive the Season 23 title of “The Voice.”