WATCH: Ohio officer pulls little girl in car seat from rollover crash


Police said when they noticed the little girl's legs were losing color, the officer jumped into action, crawling into the wreckage and cutting the child's car seat free

TWINSBURG, Ohio (CNN) – An Ohio mother said she owes a police officer her life because he helped save her children after a car crash.

The officer crawled into the family’s overturned car last weekend to save her daughter. Then he went back for her son.

The moment Officer Yamil Encarnacion struggled to rescue Emma Jameson’s 4-year-old daughter was captured on video.

Police said when they noticed the little girl’s legs were losing color, Encarnacion jumped into action, crawling into the wreckage and cutting the child’s car seat free.

“Everything from there was just so fast,” Jameson said. “I remember seeing the one officer carrying my daughter and the car seat, and then he went back for my son and there was just blood all over his arms.”

The Portage County mother said she was driving to the bank with her three kids last Saturday. She told police she was trying to pass a slow-moving car on her left and as she changed lanes, a car in front of her also moved into the left lane.

Jameson said the driver of that car stopped suddenly, causing her to step on her brakes. She said she veered too much, and her car went off the road and rolled over, ending up in the eastbound lanes of Interstate 480.

She said it’s all a blur but as soon as she came to, all she could think about was her kids.

“Immediately, ‘My children. How do I get them out? How do I make sure everybody’s OK?’ I heard them all screaming, so I knew none of them were dead.”

The mother said some good Samaritans came to help right away and police arrived almost instantly.

“Somebody ripped open my door and by the time he had done that, I had already gotten one kid out of the car seat and I was holding him. I got out, went to go put him down and turn around to get my other kids out, and there were already men in there, trying to get them out.”

After Officer Encarnacion rescued her daughter, he went back for her son.

“It was very scary,” Jameson said. “I owe that officer my life.”

She said her daughter is still shaken up but all of the kids are doing OK.

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