BRATENAHL, Ohio (WJW) – Video released to the FOX 8 I-Team shows water building up on the Shoreway splashing across lanes of traffic, blinding drivers and causing crashes.

So, the I-Team asked why it is happening and what’s being done about it.

It’s happening near Eddy Road, east of downtown Cleveland.

Bratenahl police video shows a wall of water slamming onto windshields. The video shows many drivers in accidents after spinning out of control.

Police video captured the latest deep water danger Tuesday morning. High water on that stretch of the freeway has become a chronic problem.

One driver told an officer, “Water came over the wall. Lost vision. Hit from the side. Car just going this way.”

“He was in lane number one. Water came over the wall and covered all of the cars,” one officer told another.

Another driver said, “The car in the far left lane hit another puddle of water and it went sideways and hit another car.”

On Tuesday, Bratenahl police scrambled to crash after crash.

The I-Team learned the Ohio Department of Transportation is now investigating. ODOT is looking into what’s causing so much water to pile up and what can be done about it.

130,000 drivers a day pass through that area.

The I-Team has reported on high water problems in the past in the same stretch of highway, but before, the trouble spot was mostly in the slow lane going toward downtown.

Now, highway water is causing headaches in the fast lanes on both sides of the highway.

“We really don’t know what the problem is,” ODOT spokesman Brent Kovacs said.

He added that ODOT is investigating and giving special attention to drains in the area, cleaning them out more often.

“We’re doing our best to investigate it. Keep it dry as much as possible and figure out what’s going on,” Kovacs said.

We’ve learned the high water has built up during heavy rains and even after long periods of steady rain.

Drivers are sliding, skidding, and crashing. Sometimes they can’t even see out the window with a wall of water sent flying through the air from other traffic.

The I-Team will check back and let you know what ODOT finds.