Video shows moments before deadly crash in stolen Dayton police cruiser


Two children were killed and six others injured

DAYTON, Ohio (CNN) – Police have identified the suspect accused of causing a deadly crash in Dayton, Ohio with a stolen police cruiser.

They released dash-camera video on Tuesday.

They say it all started when Raymond Andrew Walters, Jr. stabbed his father Monday morning. His father was trying to take him to a hospital for mental treatment.

When officers responded to the stabbing call, the father said his son took off in his truck.

Officers located the truck in a woman’s front yard after Walters smashed into a tree.

As officers were trying to apprehend Walters, they say he stole a police cruiser.

He was tased twice, but it wasn’t effective.

Police say Walters then drove through Dayton with lights and sirens running, reaching a maximum speed of 101 miles per hour, before smashing into a minivan outside of a public library.

Officers were not chasing Walters before the crash.

Two children were killed and six others injured, including a child who’s in critical condition.

Two officers received minor injuries in the incident.

Walters is in stable condition and remains in the hospital. His father is also in stable condition.

Police say that meth may have been a contributing factor in the incident.

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