Video: Car went over sidewalk as Ohio girl was getting out of school bus


The girl's mother now has a message for the driver and others on the roadways

BEDFORD, Ohio (CNN) – It was a close call for an Ohio fifth-grader. She was about to get out of her school bus when her driver screamed to get back inside.

A driver was plowing past the bus as Emma was getting off the bus.

The whole scene was caught on camera.

She wasn’t walking into the street on Columbus Road. The driver actually plowed past the bus and onto her front lawn, just missing her

“I actually came in and started crying because I knew that what could have happened didn’t happen if my bus driver didn’t call me back in,” Emma said.

Her mother, Carol Davison, said she’s furious, realizing what could have happened to her.

“What possesses somebody, you know, to do that?” she said.

She’s mostly relieved it wasn’t worse.

“If her bus driver hadn’t had the foresight to yell and be paying attention, we would have a different situation today,” Davison said.

Authorities say they cited 39-year-old Lonnie Tole for reckless operation. They say he told them that his brakes weren’t working, but they don’t buy it

“He was able to get the car home safely and park the car safely, so there’s no credence that he didn’t have brakes,” said Rick Suts, deputy chief of the Bedford Police Department.

Davison said she hopes this is a lesson to him and other drivers.

“Just be cautious of other people’s kids. They might not be your own, but they’re somebody’s, somebody loves them and wants them to be around,” she said.

Laws vary from state to state.

In Ohio, if you pass a school bus while its stop lights are flashing, you could face fines, have points added to your license, or your license could be suspended.

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