Third ‘Trump Train’ rally in Ohio: Supporters respond to debate cancellation


On Sunday, the president’s supporters did what he couldn’t -- they staged a "get out and vote" ride

PROCTORVILLE, Ohio (WOWK) – It’s been nine days since President Trump was hospitalized for COVID-19. On Monday, he returns to the campaign trail in Florida, despite Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines stating those who have tested positive should remain in isolation for at least two weeks.

In Proctorville, Ohio Sunday, the president’s supporters did what he couldn’t — they staged a “get out and vote” ride.

Cars, trucks and other vehicles both large and small filled the parking lot near Kroger’s in Proctorville. Each car showed support for Trump and hopes for the health and safety of the president.

“We’ve been praying for him just like we have for anybody that’s been affected with COVID. We wish him well,” said Stacy Holley, “Trump Train” event organizer.

On Saturday, Trump made his first public appearance since being hospitalized for COVID-19. However, the main subject on voters’ minds was the second presidential debate with Democratic opponent Joe Biden Thursday.

The Commission on Presidential Debates said earlier this week that with Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis, the debate had to be virtual. Democratic nominee Joe Biden agreed to it but Trump did not.

Boyd County resident and Trump supporter Jacob Grubbs said he believes it would be better in person.

“It needs to be in person because if you’re sitting there virtual, you can just sit there and mute the other candidate right in the middle of their conversation, and who’s there to stop you?”

Biden has scheduled a town hall that night and the president has scheduled two rallies this week.

The third and final presidential debate before Election Day is scheduled for October 23 in Nashville, Tennessee.

As for the “Trump Train,” several supporters say no matter rain or shine, they’re still riding for Trump.

“It’s pouring the rain…It shows a lot to our president that we support him and that we’re there for him all the time,” Grubbs said.

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