‘The warning signs were missed’: Still no motive for Dayton shooting suspect


WARNING: Video contains material some may find disturbing

DAYTON, Ohio (CNN Newsource) – Officials are now saying they’ve uncovered evidence the Dayton shooting suspect had an obsession with violence.

Some 41 shots were fired in just 30 seconds as panicked patrons ran for their lives early Sunday morning.

Two new surveillance videos show the chaotic scene in downtown Dayton as the 24-year-old gunman unleashed terror on crowded streets.

Now former high school classmates say the shooter had a troubling past.

“Connor had this hit list of people he wanted to harm or kill,” David Partridge said.

“He was just an angry person who acted on his actions and the warning signs were missed,” Shelby Emmert said.

A newly-discovered Twitter account police believe belonged to the shooter had “I’m going to hell and I’m not coming back” as part of the biography.

The account also has retweets of anti-police and extreme left-wing posts.

But unlike El Paso where the accused terrorist outlined his racist political motivations in an online post, police in Dayton don’t know what motivated Sunday’s massacre.

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“Came around the corner, heard two shots. ‘Pow, pow,'” Dion Green said.

Green thought he and his father, 57-year-old Derrick Fudge, had been spared until he saw the blood.

“I see the blood coming from both sides of his head and I just lost it,” he said.

GALLERY: Remembering the Dayton mass shooting victims

Green held his father as he died.

“He looked at me. He was breathing and he just lied there with his eyes open in my arms.”

Green was his father’s only child.

Fudge lived in Springfield, Ohio and was spending a night on the town with his son and his son’s fiancée.

Green says he invited his father to come out in the evening. Now he can’t stop thinking about that moment and wishing it never happened.

In Texas, authorities now say the gunman who shot 22 people dead at an El Paso Walmart claimed he stopped there for food.

They say he drove 11 hours from his home in Allen, Texas to the border city and targeted Hispanics in his attack.

“I saw him reloading the gun,” Maribel Latin said.

She was shot twice.

“I counted eight more bullets,” Latin said. “I counted them because I said one of these was going to be me.”

Police also said the 21-year-old gunman in the El Paso attack was unarmed when he drove up to a motorcycle officer near the Walmart, put his hands up and surrendered.

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