Students weigh in on latest campus safety notices


COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Students at the Ohio State University are responding to two safety notices sent out in the past 24 hours.

“We get them all the time,” said Alaina Ward, a sophomore at Ohio State University.

Ward and her roommate Nicole Sanchez are both sophomores at Ohio State University, who say they’re almost constantly checking their phones for the latest campus safety updates.

Including one that was sent out around 5:30pm, Saturday afternoon, over a shooting that took place in front of Drinko Hall on OSU’s campus.

“And it said that the shooting happened like on 11th street, or something like that. And we heard about it and we’re like oh, so we decided to stay put where we are,” said Sanchez.

According to police, the person who was shot was taken to OSU East in stable condition and authorities are looking for two male suspects, who fled east on 11th avenue.

Meanwhile, Columbus Police say around 3 a.m. Saturday morning, an Ohio State student was walking along High Street, when four unknown male suspects, approached that student in front of a CVS pharmacy.

According to authorities, three of the males moved on, but one remained with the victim, grabbing them by the arm and implying they had a gun.

The suspect demanded the victim’s belongings, stole their cell phone, and took several of their credit cards — and was then reported to have fled by walking northbound on High Street.

“This one was very close to me,” said Oskar Klear, a junior at Ohio State University.

Klear, who lives nearby, says that while he avoids traveling around those hours, he’s concerned to see these types of crimes happening again and again.

“This year it’s been worse than it’s ever been. Last year was not like, virtually nothing, cause of COVID, lockdown. First year we had a few minor incidents nothing much, this year I feel like I’m getting something every other day,” said Klear.

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