COLUMBUS, Ohio (WDTN) – Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost and other general attorneys are trying to reduce the number of robocalls their citizens have to deal with.

According to a release by Yost, these leaders hope to stop illegal robocalls which are purchasing verified numbers in order to make calls appear to be from a trusted source

Phone companies were required to ensure that all phone calls come from verified numbers earlier this year, the release said. This technology has already led to a 29 percent decrease in robocalls since June.

However, there are still ways to get around the verification technology.

The general attorneys have sent a letter to the FCC in hopes that the organization will reduce robocall access to those legitimate phone numbers, the release said.

The FCC has proposed that companies use a more thorough application, review, and monitoring process for phone companies requesting direct access to the numbers, as well as requiring these companies to verify customers’ identities.

The state general attorneys say they support these proposals and hope it will further cut down on calls that try to scam people out of their money.

“If you have to lie about something as basic as the phone number you’re calling from you’re not up to any good,” Yost said. “No more fake IDs.”